Miami, FL – Plain and simple… Solid valvetrains yield horsepower. However, until now, the benefits of solid lifter high-performance OHC engines were not available to the Dodge truck enthusiast. Enter Miami-based motorsports company, BLE Products, a performance parts manufacture offering Solid Lifter Conversion applications for many of today’s modern OHC-technology engines.

“We are happy to expand our solid lash adjuster offerings and introduce the race-proven BLE Solid Lifter Conversions to the hard-core Dodge truck performance enthusiasts,” says BLE Products Founder Len Monserrat.


BLE Products Solid Lifters - Dodge 4.7 DOHC V8

The BLE Solid Lifters remedy a major concern in the Dodge truck performance world and are now available for the 4.7L & 3.7L Dodge engines, found in many Dodge vehicles, including the Dodge Ram, Dakota, & Durango. Other, previously released Dodge applications available include the Dodge Neon, SRT-4, and the Stealth TT.

This is another great crossover for us,” says Alex Valdes, Global Sales Manager for BLE Products. He adds, “We have been racing and developing OHC engines and parts since the early 90’s.”

Each BLE Solid Lifter Conversion Kit replaces the factory hydraulic lifters and comes with all necessary hardware for a straightforward installation. These Conversion Kits are perfect for anyone upgrading the factory valvetrain and/or camshafts in their OHC Dodge truck engine.

• Made from premium 8620 Aerospace Steel
• Manufactured to exact OEM dimensions and work with the factory rocker arms
• Increased HP & valvetrain control at high RPM
• Fully adjustable lash- No need for shims (even with reground camshafts)
• Hardened and treated for maximum durability
• Black oxide chemically coated for lubricity and anti-galling
• Controlled lubrication to the rocker arm
• Eliminates valve float and the dreaded “lifter tic”

In addition to the Dodge applications listed above, BLE Solid Lifters are also available for Ford Modular engines, Mitsubishi Evolution, 3000GT, 4G63 Eclipse, 420A, Nissan SR20, GM Ecotech, Cadillac, & GMC Engines. Contact us for application and other BLE Products details or visit us at

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